01 Aug 2014

Obama Just Signed a Bill To Make Unlocking Legal Again

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23 Jun 2014

A Much-Improved Cellphone Unlocking Bill in the Senate Judiciary

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25 Feb 2014

Why I Oppose H.R. 1123, The "Cell Phone Unlocking" Bill

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12 Feb 2014

Thoughts on NYT's “The Day The Internet Didn't Fight Back”

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05 Nov 2013

The Frightening New Definition of Terrorism

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23 Jul 2013

If You Care About Privacy, You Should Be Calling Your Representatives

Now is the time to call Congress about NSA surveillance.

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05 Jul 2013

How a Group of Designers & Developers Helped RestoreTheFourth.net

The Rapid Response Internet Task Force's first assignment

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30 Jun 2013

We need a Rapid Response Internet Task Force

The Internet needs a team of techies to create campaigns for good.

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27 Mar 2013

It's time for a real fix on phone unlocking and the DMCA

A note about the letter our coalition sent to Congress about the DMCA.

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03 Feb 2013

Motorola Tried to Sue Me For Unlocking Phones

Why I started petitioned the White House to make unlocking cell phones legal.

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